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DICK BANGHAM, President of RipBang, is an accomplished visual artist whose work has been in the public eye since the 1970s. A designer, art director, and illustrator for national publications, hundreds of music packages, posters, merchandise. He was executive producer for the series "Neat Stuff" on Discovery/TLC, and has produced documentaries and music videos.

Dick is a current member and past Governor of The Recording Academy. Wammie, Cascade Award winner, CableAce Award nominee. link: Washington Post Profile

LINDA BANGHAM has worked in graphics and multimedia for over 30 years. She received a degree in communications, and has owned her own companies since 1984. As co-owner of RipBang Pictures she has worked as an art director for magazines, design projects and music packaging. Associate Producer for the series "Neat Stuff" on Discovery/TLC. Website design projects.

Linda is a current member of the Recording Academy, and past Board Member of Women in Film and Video.

Music Videos

ZOOM A LITTLE ZOOM - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

Rip Bang produced these music videos for the Grammy winning musicians Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, including script, storyboards, editing and animation.

CONSTELLATION JIG - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

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BoBo The Bear
Music Video

Rip Bang produced this music video for the Grammy winning musicians Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, including script, storyboards, editing and animation.

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Nils Lofgren
"Ain't The Truth Enough" Music Video

Rip Bang produced this music video with Nils and Amy Lofgren, including storyboards, editing and animation. Features Nils Lofgren, Ringo Starr, Cindy Mizelle and Kevin McCormick.

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Nils Lofgren
"Blue With Lou"

Nils Lofgren Blue with Lou CD

Rip Bang was thrilled to design this CD package along with Nils and Amy Lofgren for his new studio release. Brilliant photos by Cristina Arrigoni and Dylan Covington grace the package and 16-page booklet. The music is spectactuar too!

Nils Lofgren Blue with Lou LP

Rip Bang took the elements of the CD package and designed this spectacular gatefold 2-LP version which includes printed insert sleeves.

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Feast Your Ears


Rip Bang is currently working on the production and post production of the documentary on legendary DC area radio station WHFS "Feast Your Ears". Dick Bangham, producer, editor and graphics, Linda Bangham web design.

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Little Feat
50th Anniversary

RipBang has worked with Little Feat for over 20 years, and we were glad to contribute graphics for the 50th Anniversary celebration.

Little Feat 50th Anniversary Poster
Little Feat 50th Anniversary graphic
Little Feat 50th Anniversary VIP Poster Close Project

Logos & Branding

WOWD Takoma Radio Logos

We were glad to be able to design a logo for the great new radio station WOWD Takoma Radio.

Little Feat Hot Tomato Records Logo
RockASonics Logo
JP Reali Band Logo
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Poster Design

Dick Bangham has been well-known as a talented poster design artist for over 40 years. Specializing in music and event posters, this is only a small sampling of some recent work.

Oyster Riot Posters
Old Ebbitt Grill Event Posters
Little Feat Event Posters
Miscellaneous Event Posters
Band House Gigs Posters
Little Feat Posters Close Project

Music Packaging

Dick & Linda Bangham have been designing music packages since they were large image LP's. Here are a few recent examples.

Cathy Fink Marcy Marxer Zoom A Little Zoom Cover
Cathy Fink Marcy Marxer Shout and Shine
Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band Bone Reader
Blind Boy Billy Cover
The Nighthawks Back Porch Party
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer Cellabration
JP Reali The Road to Mississippi
Ken Swartz and The Palace of Sin
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